Stuart Liddell

Pipe Major Of Inverary & District And Renowned Soloist

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I have been playing the DroneDry system with my sheepskin bag with a variety of cane and synthetic drone reeds for the past 2 years.

The concept is simple and very effective at keeping the drone reeds dry and my pipes steady without any change to the original sound.

Through out Piping Live Week in 2013, I was involved with the The Inveraray & District “Pre worlds” concert, practices and solo appearances. DroneDry has proven to be totally reliable throughout this demanding time.

It is my aim to have the entire Inveraray and District pipe corps using DroneDry in the future clique agora.

Doug MacRae

Pipe Major Of The 78th Fraser Highlanders

I recently installed the DroneDry stocks on to my sheepskin bag and have witnessed immediate results.

Typically wet drone reeds limit practice and performance time when using a leather bag, however the DroneDry system offers a solution to these moisture problems.

Band practices are longer with less hassle and so too are my individual sessions.

The system is easy to use and the advantage of the external access is immeasurable. An excellent product.

Gordon McCready

Renowned Soloist And Former Piper Of Current World Champions Field Marshall Montgomery Pipe Band

I recently purchased the DroneDry system. I have played it rigorously for two weeks and have to say I can’t believe how good it is.

I have put it into a sheepskin bag and can get nearly an hour and a half out the pipes.  This is great for constant practice where as before I was lucky to get forty to fifty minutes maximum. I would recommend this product to any piper. This is a great tool for the competitive solo piper.

Finlay Johnston

2012 Gold Medalist and Glenfiddich Finalist

Drone Dry has been a fantastic addition to my pipes, allowing me to extend practice time and keep my drones locked from start to finish.

I play a Sheepskin bag with Ezeedrone reeds, DroneDry does a great job of keeping things efficient and moisture free without any adverse affect to the sound of my drones. A fantastic product!