Why Buy DroneDry

  • Allows air to circulate when not in use to aid in expelling excess moisture
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • No need to remove reeds after playing
  • Dries reeds when not playing
  • Compatible with ANY bag
  • No need to have a zip bag
  • Doesn’t restrict of muffle the sound
  • No hoses or canisters to clog your bag
  • Doesn’t weigh your bag down and cause slippage
  • Doubles as a reed protector for your drones
  •   Can be customised to match your pipes


All DroneDry Systems And Components Come With

Lifetime Warranty And 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


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 Plain Stocks  £120.00 (+£5.00p&p) *UK ONLY*  
 Nickel Stocks  £140.00 (+£5.00p&p) *UK ONLY*  
 Imitation Stocks  £140.00 (+£5.00p&p) *UK ONLY*  
 Plain Stocks  £120.00 (+£12.50p&p) *US/CAN ONLY*  
 Nickel Stocks  £140.00 (+£12.50p&p) *US/CAN ONLY*  
 Imitation Stocks  £140.00 (+£12.50p&p) *US/CAN ONLY*  
 Plain Stocks  £120.00 (+£10.00p&p) *EUROPE ONLY*  
 Nickel Stocks  £140.00 (+£10.00p&p) *EUROPE ONLY*  
 Imitation Stocks  £140.00 (+£10.00p&p) *EUROPE ONLY*  

 Spare DroneDry Cartridges



 "Every Wet Piper's Dream" T-Shirt


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Begg Sheep Skin Bag :  £250 (Tied in)

  Tried and tested over the years Begg sheep skin   bags are regarded as some of the best in the industry.

10% packaged discount when ordered with any set of DroneDry stocks.

Have other stocks you want tied in? No problem, email us at info@dronedry and we will be happy to help.




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G1 Platinum Higher Pitched Chanter

The G1 Pipe Chanter has been designed and crafted by the G1 team to provide the highest quality sound with optimum comfortability. The chanter easily reaches the demands of the modern day pitch and tonal quality without having oversized holes. As played in Inveraray and District pipe band.

G1 B♭concert pitch chanter

The new G1 B♭concert pitch chanter has been designed by the G1 team to provide musicians with a very rich resonating sound which blends and harmonises with other instruments. The chanter is very flexible in terms of pitch ranging from 440 to 445 with an impressive true register. As played in the Red Hot Chilli Pipers

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